Faecal Worm Egg Count

For details on how to take the sample click here. Once WestLab receives the sample we will carry out the worm egg count test on your horse dung sample and results are emailed within 48 hours. We can also provide a returned postal result certificate if requested.

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Parasitology (Worm Egg Count)

The importance of protecting your horse from parasites (worms) involves good management and strategic thinking.
Today herds are likely to be infested with parasites that can develop over a period of time and cause significant health problems including diarrhoea, mouth lesions, colic and internal ruptures. All of these health problems are caused by parasites robbing your horse of essential nutrients.

WestLab can offer a strategy of de-worming that will act as a preventative medicine to parasites for your herd. Parasites are constantly evolving and becoming more resistant to preventative drugs. We offer a parasitology testing service that can enable you and your veterinarian to customise a program for your herd by carrying out a Fecal Egg Count Reduction Test (FECRT) for each horse. This test can be ran before and after de-worming to determine if the parasites are building a resistance to a drug. The benefits of customising a de-worming program are that horses can be ranked in a herd by their Fecal egg Count test results. The horses can be then divided into three groups, Horses that require a;

  1. low de-worming program
  2. moderate de-worming program
  3. high de-worming program

By Separating the herd, you may find that only a low percentage of the herd requires a high deworming program, we understand that the biggest problem with parasite control is related to over treatment.

The most significant internal parasites we deal with in Ireland  are;

  • Small strongyles
  • Large strongyles.
  • Tapeworms
  • Roundworms
  • Pinworms
  • Lungworms
  • Threadworms

Four reasons why you should have your horse’s faeces tested?

  1. Identify the infestation level of common worm species in your horse
  2. Understand the effectiveness of your de-worming programme
  3. You may be worming unnecessarily at certain times of the year
  4. Leave you the option to a tailored worm-management routine

How do you control your horse’s worm count

The worm burden in any individual horse is reflective of its own environment as well as contact with other horses and worming management programme. Controlling the worm burden in your horse is an essential part of your yearly management programme, whether it be anthelmintic control, pasture management or a new herbal worming method. Unfortunately, worms can develop a resistance to some of the active ingredients in wormers.

What levels are normal?

A maximum of 200 eggs per gram should be detected in any effective management programme. Worm egg counts of 50-100 per gram need not necessarily be treated, as some level of worm infestation is thought to enhance natural immunity. Zero worm egg count cannot be reported due to statistical sampling, therefore please note that this level of count will be reported as less than 50 per gram.

Sample quantity Cost per sample
1 – 2 €10
3-7 €7.50
8+ €6

How to use our service

If you would like to send a sample of horse faeces for testing please post approximately 50g in an enclosed container (approximately a loosely packed yogurt pot full) to Westlab, Bellaghy, Charlestown, County Mayo. Don’t forget to provide us with your contact details. Print and fill out our submission form Click Here. Please allow 5 working days for your test results and send payment with sample (Cheques payable to Westlab). For further information please contact us at

Guidelines sending your horse’s sample in by post.

Please ensure that it is in a properly sealed container such as a screw top plastic jar or a strong plastic bag which can be sealed against leakage. It is also advisable to package round it with paper or bubble-wrap for added security.

On the outside of the package please provide the following information/labeling

  • Our address ( Westlab, Bellaghy. Charlestown, County Mayo )
  • Pathological Specimen
  • Fragile, Handle with care
  • Your address on the back of the parcel

Please send payment with sample (Cheques payable to Westlab) .

Thank you for using our service.