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Worm Count for Companion Animals

Westlab carry out routine worm counts for companion animals. We provide a direct access to a fast, professional parasitology laboratory.  If faeces is loose or unusual and no parasites are present, we can report results to your vet in the advent of further investigation being required.  We will investigate internal parasites, report results back to you.


Why test your Cat or Dog?

If you walk your dog, or if your dog/cat hunts in your garden, countryside or park, your animal can pick up internal and external parasites which may make them seriously ill. Some of these parasites can also be passed on to you or your family, causing serious health problems.  Children playing with dogs in the garden are especially prone to picking up soil contaminated with worm eggs on their hands.  This is an easy path for the Toxocara eggs to enter their bodies.  Toxocara worms can cause blindness in humans.

Do a worm egg count four times a year as a cost effective way of keeping an eye on your animals internal parasite situation.


To use Westlab services, follow these simple instructions:

1.Collect a fresh sample of your dog’s dung output (Approx 7-10 grams-teaspoon full)

2. Place collected dung sample in a small screw cap container or a zip seal plastic bag. Send sample/samples along with the submission form to the address above. (Submission Form Link: Canine)

3.Post it off to the lab in an enclosed envelope (See address below)

4. We will test your sample within 24-48 hours and email you the results to advise you if you need to worm or not.

The benefits of getting your animal tested:4215810171_76572be545

  • An inexpensive test to detect worm eggs (examples include: roundworm, hookworm, coccidia etc)
  • Doing a worm egg count lets you know exactly what’s going on with your dog/cat (wormwise!)
  • No need to visit the vet to do a test
  • The test and results are included in the price and come straight back to you,
  • A great way to find out if your current worming regime is working,
  • Peace of mind.

As the shedding of eggs may be intermittent, some owners prefer to collect a composite sample (i.e samples collected on three separate days) to ensure any eggs or lungworm larvae will be detected.

  • label SampleWe will email the results directly to you,
  • To download a submission form please click on the Canine link below:Submission Form Link: Canine

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