About Us

Welcome to Westlab.

Westlab is an independent livestock testing laboratory specialising in Parasitology. Our mission is to provide livestock owners, veterinary practices and agricultural advisers, assistance in combating problems associated with internal parasites.

We test for Liver Fluke, Rumen Fluke Roundworms, Lungworm Larvae, Coccidia, Cryptosporidia and external parasites.

The increasing development of resistance and the cost of treatment in farms, in both conventional and organic systems has highlighted the importance of targeting infected animals with appropriate anthelmintics (deworms)  and avoiding the practice of unnecessary blanket dosing.

We provide a fast, efficient, reliable and cost affective service with results usually within 1-2 days.

When cattle and sheep and other livestock infected sub clinically with internal or external parasites the result is poor productivity and economic loss. Animals don’t perform to their full potential due to poor digestion and absorption of nutrients

If parasites are suspected of playing a role in adversely effecting the performance of your livestock,  it is recommended to send samples to a laboratory for the presence of parasites.

Cattle and sheep farmers are advised to follow Animal Health Ireland guidelines and use Worm Egg Count (WEC) to reduce anthelmintic resistance and monitor the efficacy of the wormers used.

Why you should test for worms?

  1. Monitor worm burdens and types of worms present in stock and make informed decisions of your drenching requirements
  2. Informs you if drenching is required
  3. Check burdens and types of worms prior to drenching
  4. Saves the expense of unnecessary drenching
  5. Test the effectiveness of drench by testing samples 7-14 days post drench. This is known as resistance testing.
  6. Avoid past practices such as blanket dosing.

The senior Laboratory Analyst at WestLab is Tom Parsons, a former Senior Veterinary Laboratory Analyst for the Sligo Regional Veterinary Laboratory (SVL). Toms experience in SVL included over 30 years’ experience in pathological examinations, diagnostic support and disease surveillance and management. 

Tom wishes to see WestLab provide a key service as an important component of Animal Health across Ireland