WestLab Provides Worm Egg Count Tests for Cattle

Tests Include: Liver Fluke, Ruman Fluke, Cattle Worms Testing

WestLab Carry out Routine Worm Counts for Companion Animals.

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WestLab Provide a Postal Worm Egg Count Service for Horses.

We perform Faecal Worm Egg Counts for our clients in our laboratory. For more information Click Here

WestLab Provide Parasitology Testing Services to both Veterinary Practices and Animal Owners

Our Senior Laboratory Analyst Tom Parsons has over 30 years experience in Parasitology and Animal Health.

Quality Control

WestLab Quality control procedures includes participating in External Proficiency Tests (EPT) for Parasitology testing. The Performance of WestLab can be compared with veterinary testing labs throughout Ireland and the UK

STAP 2014

WestLab is a designated laboratory for STAP for more info click STAP

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The aim of WestLabs service is simple; confidential worm test results returned to producers in less than 48 hours upon being received. Being independent we don't monitor, use or pass on results unless requested, they remain strictly for your information only. WestLab provides a service which producers can trust and use with absolute confidence
WestLab is a full-service parasite diagnostic laboratory capable of diagnosing infections in all farm animals. WestLab provides this service in a timely, accurate and cost efficient manner. Tom Parsons, senior laboratory analyst believes accurate identification of parasites plays a significant role to benefit animals, their owners and veterinary practices by helping to improve animal health.